“I have gained a better understanding of service, finance, strategy planning, and culture in the ever-increasing global business environment.”

- Past participant

Thunderbird International Consortia

Think teamwork. Think open exchange of ideas.
With semi-custom curriculum designed in collaboration with Thunderbird faculty and partner company representatives, the Thunderbird International Consortia (TIC) programs provide a unique opportunity for globally focused companies to share best practices, discover new ideas and develop effective solutions.

TIC programs are defined by a “three-dimensional approach” to learning, which delivers a unique professional development and organizational problem-solving opportunity.

April 11 - 21, 2016
June 6 - 16, 2016

3-D Learning: Cross-industry, Cross-function and Cross-culture

Thunderbird’s International Consortia programs offer three areas to enhance senior managers’ awareness of global business issues and to improve their effectiveness in international business:

  • A broad curriculum focused on general management issues in global business.
  • A learning design that promotes globally oriented and culturally sensitive behaviors.
  • An opportunity to develop solutions to important strategic issues that emphasize teamwork and offer measureable ROI.

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